soroptimist intenational d'italia

DEVASTATING Floods in Liguria.

By a unanimous vote the Board of Soroptimist International of Italy has decided to activate the SI of Italy Disaster Fund and simultaneously open a Bank account specifically for the “ Floods in Genova”....

Bebe Vio

Bebe Vio, the young Italian athlete of the Paralympic team of fencing, has been chosen by the Union of Italy as testimonial and goodwill ambassador for the acceptance of diversity/disability, especially with youngsters....


Children witnesses of violence

The topic of the child victim in person of abuse and mistreatment has been brought for quite a time to general attention where psychological, social, sanitary as well as juridical and forensic  matters  are concerned, while the condition of the minor as 'witness' of violence in his/her own home against a member of the family ( in most cases the mother, but  also brothers, sisters, cohabitants) is still not much known and the potential consequences are often underestimated....

President Anna Maria Isastia

National President 2013 - 2015

Anna Maria Isastia