Interview with Sara Quomori Tanzi

Who is the President of the new-born eClub SI EmpowerNet Milano

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"Don't worry but take care". This is what my mom and I remember every day to motivate us to always be present and aware of what we are doing. 

Sara Quomori Tanzi was born in Parma in 1991.  

She has refined her legal training with studies and work experience mainly in Europe and the United States. 

Sara lives in Bologna and is the President of the of the new-born eClub Soroptimist International EmpowerNet Milano that she will lead for two years. 

-Your studies in both fields of international law and criminal law meet a commitment to the defence of human rights and the promotion of the status of women. How does your professional profile dialogue with the Soroptimist values? 

The studies and the work path undertaken allow me to fully understand the rights and duties of each of us and in particular of a woman. There is still a long way to go for the full affirmation of women, for overcoming prejudices and for achieving equality. The law is an important tool, but it is also true that right interpreters and a support network like Soroptimist are needed to win the great battle for women's emancipation. 

-Which woman is your female role model and why? 

Certainly, my mother, a great example of a feminist, a free and determined woman. She taught me the meaning of being a working woman and taking care of her family at the same time. She was able to convey to me the importance of education and continuing training, economic independence and solidarity between women. In particular, what I admire about her is her ability to emerge strengthened by overcoming the difficulties and the tenacity with which she faces gender inequalities every day. 

Another model is Ursula Von Der Leyen, an internationally successful woman and mother of seven children. A clear example of how these two spheres, both of which are close to my heart, can find a balance. 

-What did you feel when the members proposed you as president of the new club? 

Emotion and honour because I have received from the club the trust and legitimacy that are essential to becoming a team leader. With energy and great enthusiasm, I accepted and embarked on this wonderful journey together with all of them. 

-How has the Soroptimist experience enriched you so far and what kind of contribution do you think you can make? 

The Soroptimist experience allowed me to meet incredible women, with diversified life and professional paths. This heterogeneity given by the different approaches and different backgrounds is a unique opportunity for growth. 

I am sure my energy, creativity and international openness can be the best tools to be able to create impactful services for our community. 

- The EmpowerNet has chosen the ball of yarn as a symbol. What is the meaning and value for you? 

The ball of yarn is the symbol of our constant connection despite physical distances. It is the symbol of the values and goals of Soroptimist International (SI) that we have in common. 

-What are the priorities on SI EmpowerNet Milano's agenda and how do they interact with personal ones? 

All the activities related to the Club will develop through attention to personal growth as well as that of the group, with the aim of generating value for other women and necessarily for society. 

 Among our priorities is the foundation service "Beyond a Job" and the planning of a service for Afghan women. 

-How do you see yourself in ten years? and from the point of view of this vision, what message would you like to send to women? 

I see myself happy with the path I've taken, professionally fulfilled and socially engaged, with a wonderful family and friends with whom I can share every joy and every goal I've achieved.   

The message I want to send is to be brave, determined, curious, autonomous and passionate, sporty in the broadest sense of the word. 

-A flower you like so much and a quote from your favourite book/movie. 

The broom is a wonderful plant that produces simple but persistent flowers. They look like delicate flowers but are actually flexible and sturdy. It is a plant which expresses strength and resilience. 

My motto is "Don't worry but take care". It may seem like a sentence from a movie or a book. None of that! This is what my mom and I remember every day to motivate us to always be present and aware of what we are doing. Personally, I translate this phrase about being proactive and setting ever higher goals to achieve. 

Thanks for your time. 

Wishes for a successful life from your club.