Charter Ceremony on 18.9.21

Soroptimist International eClub EmpowerNet Milano

  • Club: EmpowerNet Milano
  • Autore: Sofia Lorefice e Martina Sciarrotta
  • Ultima modifica: Settembre 2021

The Soroptimist eClub EmpowerNet Milano Constitution Ceremony will take place on 18 September at 11:00 CET in English and via the ZOOM platform.

“We are the thread woven into the weft that prevents the design from unravelling: To act for the well-being of women is to act for the well-being of all”.
-The change we deserve, by Rula Jebreal
Soroptimist EmpowerNet is the 2nd eClub of the Soroptimist International of Italy and the 171st club of the Union of Italy. 
It has 28 young professionals under 40, who live and work worldwide. The common thread that holds them together is the interest in the enhancement of women, as a figure who contributes to the construction of the common good, and the attendance to the training course for women promoted by the Soroptimist Italy Union at the Bocconi University in Milan. 
Our priorities? The promotion of projects and services which take into account the different areas of competence of each member in order to promote the well-being, training, decision-making capacity and leadership of women in different family, work and social contexts.
 Charter President and Appointed President of the new eClub: 
 Sara Quomori Tanzi 
 Mara Costantino 

 The e-club will be chartered by: 

 Sharon Fisher, Presidente of Soroptimist International
 Anna Wszelaczynska, President of Soroptimist International of Europe  
 Mariolina Coppola, President of the International Soroptimist of Italy 

Master of ceremony: 
 Maria Luisa Frosio