Rabia Sadat speech during our Charter Ceremony

The afghan doctor entered a plea for women in Afghanistan


We share Rabia's speech today while in Rome many people manifest for TULL QUADZE (which means All Women in afghan language). The revolution of care starts from Afghanistan in order to protect and promote women freedom and right all over the world. 


"We must unite to protect women and girls, and at this time particularly the women and girls of Afghanistan".

[from Soroptimist International Statement on the Situation in Afghanistan]

The core of our EmpowerNet Club is to help young women to realise their personal and professional goals, overcoming the numerous societal, political and economic challenges that we often face throughout careers, especially nowadays, when to fill the gender gap and pursuit gender equality in our societies doesn’t only mean addressing the disruption of the job market caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also challenging the systemic problems that women face on a daily basis and that can have significant impact on their professional development and careers.

Many challenges are shared among women all across the world, but we can only imagine how tougher it is, and will be, for young Afghan women given the current situation and the threats that political instability and the rise of Taliban pose to Afghan woman. To raise awareness about this important issue, we decided to invite as a conclusive testimonial of our Charter Rabia Sadat. 

Here you can find her speech during the Charter Ceremony.

According to SI Statement on the Situation in Afghanistan the new eClub EmpowerNet Milano looks forward to follow up Rabia’s heartfelt plea keeping in touch with her and other female afghan voices in order to stand in solidarity with women and girls of Afghanistan.


Few intro words about Rabia Sadat

Rabia Sadat, born in Kabul Afghanistan, and graduated in medicine with an additional Diploma in Management and Epidemiology and a Masters of Public Health, has more than 15 years of working experience in public health/ social mobilization and community engagement. She has served with UNICEF Afghanistan, and UNICEF Nigeria for 10 years, worked also for the Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan and with other NGO (non-governmental Organization), such as BRAC Afghanistan. Her currently personal interest lie on story books for children, with a particular focus on child social and behaviour development.