Soroptimist Perugia

29 settembre 2022

Incontro con il SI Club di Haan (Germania)

Visita all'azienda agraria

La Past President del Club tedesco di Hann, Renate Tewaag, insieme ad un numeroso gruppo proveniente dalla Germania, è stata una gradita ospite del Club di Perugia nella visita all'Azienda agraria "L'oro in bocca" nei pressi di Torgiano, azienda biologica, specializzata nella produzione di cerali, legumi, ortaggi, frutta ed olio, in particolare. Virginia Bartolini, titolare dell'azienda, è una giovane imprenditrice che è partita dall'idea di riscoprire i sapori antichi. L'incontro con Virginia si inserisce nel progetto di valorizzazione dell'imprenditoria femminile che la Presidente Gabriella Agnusdei ha scelto tra le priorità delle attività del Club.

The Soroptimist Club of Perugia has the pleasure of showing appreciation for the welcome letter of Renate Tewaag, Past President of Soroptimist Club Haan, Germany:

Dear Gabriella and Perugia – SI Sisters, and brave Soroptimisters;

after an impressive journey through the cultural and (also epicurean) diversity of Umbria, we are back in autumn life. For a long time we will live on the memories - the start of our journey could not have been better: after an exciting city tour in Perugia in the morning followed the evening meeting with you in the „l ´oro in bocca". A great experience to get to know the young entrepreneur Virginia with her courage, esprit and innovative ideas. A wonderful example of how young people in your country know how to cope with challenging life situations. Apart from the fact that we were cooked for quite delicious! With great respect we have learned with what remarkable commitment you pursue your projects, "Chapeau"! As you could notice, your bag – gifts were immediately used to stow all the purchases on site. Italy has presented itself from a new side with old rediscovered valuable products. It is unifying to know that the same cross-border interests as our international action Plant Trees are pursued and at the same time there are similar problems such as succession in offices and member recruitment. Our lively conversations were enriching and stimulating. And we were able to use the good experienced restaurant tips in the city on the remaining days! Actually, as always in international exchange with Soroptimists, we had a wonderful evening with you, which went far beyond the usual tourist experiences - an advantage of our network to be appreciated! A very big thank you for your time and your hospitality with trusting conversations, especially to you, Gabriella, for the far-sighted planning of our meeting. I am happy if you take care of our little oak seed and bring it to life; all the best wishes for all club sisters and your activities. Maybe we will see you again next year at the SI World Conference or in two years at the European SI Congress.

In Soroptimistic friendship greets very cordially


AUTORE: Maria Gloria Nucci - Club Perugia

PRESIDENZA: Giovanna Guercio