ITALIAN GENIUS | Deanna Ferretti Veroni

La Rai dedica un documentario a Deanna Ferretti Veroni

  • Club: Reggio Emilia
  • Autore: Francesca Codeluppi
  • Ultima modifica: Febbraio 2024

The story and vision of Deanna Ferretti Veroni shared in a very special episode of Italian Genius for @raiplay_official @rai_it.

The Italian Genius is told through the most spoken language in the world: creativity. An immersive and emotional story of great Italian figures renown and appreciated all over the world for their ability to innovate. Made in Italy: the incredible stories of Italian entrepreneurs, artists and managers, internationally recognized.

Among them, the amazing story of Deanna, her career, magic encounters with the most creative designers, her vision and mission, her heritage.

Watch the full episode at the following link:

ðY©· We are very grateful to @raiplay_official @rai_it and 42°Parallelo for this great opportunity!

ðY©· Special thanks to @modatecadeanna, @accademiacostumeemoda, @ckd_master, @museicivicire, SMT - Società Manifattura Tessile - Pattern Group