26 luglio 2018

Corrispondenza PN - Unione Greca

Dear President Amalia, Dear Sisters of the Greek Union,

I read with sorrow and concern the news of the calamity that has affected your country and especially the city of Athens, the common mother.

The Italian Union and I personally we are fraternally close and we will be by your side to support actions that you will propose.

With soroptimist affection and friendship


Dear Patrizia, 


Thank you for contacting us! It brings a smile to our faces during this tragedy that we feel the Soroptimistic solidarity so close. 

At this stage, the urgent needs are covered but in a couple of months when a reconstruction plan will commence we shall let you know how you can offer any help. 

Thank you again for your email and your thoughts!




Amalia Varotsi Ragkousi

President of Soroptimist Union Greece

AUTORE: Laura Sartini

PRESIDENZA: Patrizia Salmoiraghi